Who We Are

Diversity & Inclusion

The Democratic Party takes inclusion seriously. We thrive when our organization represents the various diverse populations present in our local community and throughout the world. 

We value inclusion and show that locally by electing a Coordinating Vice Chair of Diversity Affairs. This role advocates for diversity and inclusion in our Cullman County party and leads the Affirmative Action Committee.

We welcome everyone - gay, black, straight, Muslim, bisexual, persons with disabilities, queer, female, Hispanic, transgender, Christian, lesbian, Pacific Islander, atheist, male, Hindu, cisgender, Indigenous, non-binary, Buddhist, drag queens/kings, white, pagan, intersex, Jewish, asexual, etc. 

Liberty and Justice for All

We take pride in our country and the freedoms that have been central to our identity from its founding. We believe in the freedom of religion, speech, and peaceful assembly. We strongly believe that these freedoms should be experienced by all peoples of different religions, languages, and locations.

We value these liberties and will shine a beacon when these freedoms are being threatened or violated.

Basic Human Needs & Rights

In the pursuit of American happiness, we believe that there are certain unalienable rights that belong to all people. We believe in common human decency and easing the struggle to meet every day needs. Many policies affect our local community, including access and affordability of quality healthcare, workforce opportunities with equitable income, voting access and integrity, public safety, etc.

We value human rights and show that by supporting our local, state, and national Democratic candidates to enshrine those policies into legislation.